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Reclassify Lot No.


You can reclassify part of the inventory from the existing Lot No. using the Inventory Transfer Journal. The previous Lot No. will remain as is for existing transactions. The newly assigned Lot No. will be used for new transactions. GoldFinch maintains lot traceability linkage between the new Lot No. and the old Lot No.

Processing Steps

Read Inventory Transfers on how to process Inventory Transfers.

Click Enter Lots button on the Related List. Do not use the Enter Lots button at the top of the page.

After selecting Lots and entering the Quantities you want to transfer, enter New Lots, and Net Lot Expiration Date.

You can use Inventory Transfer Journals to transfer inventory between warehouses, and also reclassify Lots at the same time.

You can also use Inventory Transfer Journals to reclassify Lots in the same Warehouse and the same Bin.

Additional Information

To rename a Lot for all transactions, go to the Item Lot page, update Lot No., and click Save. The new Lot No. will be used for existing and new transactions.

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