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Cash Flow Statement


The Cash Flow Statement summarizes the amount of cash from ongoing operation activities, investment activities, and external financing activities. 

In GoldFinch, you don’t need to specify a Cash Flow Category for every Cash Receipt or Cash Disbursement transaction in order to run the Cash Flow Statement. You can run the Statement for any historical period.

How to Run a Cashflow Statement

Assign a Cashflow Category to all Balance Sheet G/L Accounts. Ensure you assign the Cash category to all Cash or Cash-Equivalent GL Accounts.

Review the attached sample GL Accounts with Cashflow Category assigned.

GoldFinch GL Accounts Template with Cashflow Category 111123.xlsx

Click App Launcher, then search for Financial Report.

You don’t need to create a Financial Report Setup record to run a Cash Flow Statement.

Click the Cash Flow tab.

Select any Report Period, then click Run Report.

The Cash Flow Statement will display Operating Activities starting with the Net Income and then adjustments to the Net Income for all non-cash transactions.

By default, Net Income is the total of all GL Accounts with Statement Type = Income Statement.

Then, it will display Investing Activities and Financing Activities.

Before you release the Statement, make sure that Check Digit is 0.

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