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Calculated Planning Parameters

For companies with substantial historical data, it’s possible to calculate some planning parameters by daily routines using Calculated Parameters. Otherwise, Locked Parameters are entered manually and are usually used for items without any history.

Calculated Parameters:

  • Calculated Daily Usage

  • Calculated Lead Time Day

  • Calculated Reorder Qty.

  • Calculated Safety Stock (Calculated Daily Usage x Safety Stock Days) 

Locked Parameters:

  • Locked Daily Usage

  • Locked Lead Time Days 

  • Locked Reorder Qty

  • Locked Safety Stock

Setting up Which Parameters to Use

When the Supply Plan is calculated, either the Locked Parameters or the Calculate Parameters will be used.  Which parameters are used is based on the Use Calculated Parameter flag on the SKU card.

If the Use Calculated Parameters field is unchecked in the SKU card details section, then the Locked Parameters will be used.

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