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Bypass Pick and Put-away - 3PL Configuration


There are some situations, such as the use of a 3PL warehouse, where you don't require the use of a Pick Ticket or Put-Away document in a warehouse. In these cases, the warehouse can be setup to bypass the Pick and Put-away functionality in GoldFinch.

This configuration is also ideal for companies who are not already operating in a bin managed location. 



Create one Bin, Pick, for the Warehouse.

This bin will have all sales and purchase transactions movements within this one bin.

  1. Define the Bin Type of Pick

  2. Put a check in the Default Pick, Default Put away and Default QC fields.


  1. Put a check in the Bypass Pick on Shipment field

  2. Put a check in the Bin Mandatory field.

  3. Put a check in the Is 3PL field.

  4. Assign Pick bin to all bins fields on the Warehouse.


Warehouse Receipt

The warehouse receipt will be created and posted as normal.  When posting, the inventory will be put into the 3PL Bin automatically.  There is no longer a need to process a Put-away document to move the inventory from the receiving bin to a storage bin.

Warehouse Shipment

The Warehouse Shipment will be created as normal.  Instead of creating a pick ticket to define the Lot number of the items to ship, you can edit the Warehouse Receipt Lines for each item that is lot tracked and define the Lot number.  There is no longer a need to process a Pick Ticket and move the inventory to a Shipping Bin before posting the Warehouse Shipment.  

Posting the Warehouse Shipment will reduce the inventory directly from the 3PL Bin.

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