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Breakbulk UOM for Invoicing


There are times when a customer orders items in a different Unit of Measure that is shipped out. For example, a customer orders in the Caddy UOM, but the actual shipping UOM is Case. In these cases, you will want to use the Case UOM for Sales Orders and Whse. Shipments, but on the invoice printout, you want to print Caddy instead of Case. 

Account Setup

  1. Navigate to App Launcher, then search for Accounts.

  2. Select the customer account, and enter a default Breakbulk UOM.  This is the default UOM that will print on the sales invoice.  You can customize the page if this field is not there.

Sales Order Entry

When entering the sales order, enter the item, quantity, and UOM that will ship.  The Breakbulk UOM will automatically be populated on the lines with the information that had been set up on the account.  You can change the Breakbulk UOM or clear it out if you have any items on the order that will not be invoiced by the Breakbulk UOM.  All Breakbulk UOMs must be set up in the Item Unit of Measure before you create a Whse. Shipment.  

The Breakbulk UOM will be used for Invoice Printing only and can still be changed on the Sales Order Line even after an invoice is posted.

If the Breakbulk UOM field does not appear on the Sales Order edit page, navigate to Set Up\Object Manager\Sales Line, then edit the LineSectionBeforeLineAmountFields fieldset to add it.

Printing Documents

The printed documents stemming from this sales order will print as follows:

Picking Slip

The Picking Slip will print with the Quantity and Unit of Measure entered on the Sales Order.

Packing Slip

When the Warehouse Shipment is created, the Packing Slip will print the Quantity and Unit of Measure entered on the Sales Order.

Sales Invoice

Engage a GoldFinch consultant to clone the existing Sales Invoice document to create a custom Sales Invoice document to convert the Quantity, UOM, and Unit Price based on the Breakbulk UOM that had been defined. Any lines without the Breakbulk UOM defined will print as entered on the Sales Line.  

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