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Bin Content-

Field Label

Field Level Help


Automatically calculated by GoldFinch. True if there are Items available for picking.


Available Base

Available to Pick

Quantity - Pick Qty. - Tracking Qty. (WS)

Available to Pick Base

Available converted to the Item's Base Unit of Measure.

Average Base Cost

The Average Base Cost of the associated Item.


The Bin associated with the Bin Content record.

Bin Ranking

Used to determine pick and put-away Bin priority.

Bin Sort

The Bin Sort value from the associated Bin Record.

Bin Type

Defines the valid activities for the selected Bin. Can be one or more of the following: Pick, Put Away, Receive, or Ship. Defined on the Bin Type record associated with the Bin.


Indicates whether the Bin can be used. Defined on the Bin record.


The conversion factor of the Unit of Measure of the Bin Content Item to the Item’s Base Unit of Measure.


The Description of the Bin Content Item.

Expiration Date

The Item Lot Expiration Date. Defined on the Item Lot record.

Inventory Value

Qty. Base * Average Base Cost


The Bin Content Item.

Item Lot

The Lot No. of the Bin Content Item.

Lot Days to Expire

The number of days it takes for a new Lot to expire. Defined on the Item record.

Lot Tracked

Specifies if the Item is Lot Tracked. Defined on the Item record. 

Manufacture Date

The Lot Manufacture Date of the Lot selected for the Bin Content Item.

OMS Allocated

OMS Allocated Base

OMS Available


Indicates whether the Bin Content can be picked from.

Pick Qty.

Sum of the Quantity field of all associated Warehouse Activity Lines where Entry Type = Pick and Document Status = Open

Pick Qty. Base

Pick Qty. converted to the Item's Base Unit of Measure.

Qty. Base

Quantity converted to the Item's Base Unit of Measure.


The Bin Content Quantity.

Serial No.

The Serial No. for the Item.

Tracking Qty. (WS)

Sum of the Quantity field for all Tracking Allocations on Whse. Shipment

Tracking Qty. Base (WS)

Tracking Qty. (WS) converted to the Item's Base Unit of Measure.

Unit of Measure

The Bin Content Unit of Measure.


The Warehouse where the Bin Content is stored.

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