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Bill of Lading Setup


The Bill of Lading is a freight shipping documentation that provides a detailed list of a shipment of goods and serves as a shipment receipt for when the goods arrive at the destination. There are a few fields that need to be set up before creating a Bill of Lading.

Shipping Agent

When creating a new shipping agent or editing an existing one, enter the SCAC code.

This will print on the VICS BOL document.


The Address information on the Warehouse is transferred to the Ship-from Address on the BOL.

Scroll down the Warehouse page to the BOL section.

BOL Defaults can be defined as the default values for all BOLs created from the warehouse.

The UCC is needed for VICS BOLs.  VICS requires a 17-digit code which is comprised of the UCC number + a unique BOL number + a check digit. If you don't have UCC, enter 9 zeros (000000000) in the UCC field.


Define the Shipping information for each item


Define the default Freight Terms and any Special BOL Instructions for the Account.

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