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Bank Connect Overview

Follow the instructions below to navigate to the Bank Connect page.

Each of the tiles represents a Bank Account in GoldFinch and is connected with the bank’s financial institution using Bank Connect.

  1. Click that icon to navigate to the Bank GL Account page.

  2. Bank balance from the downloaded Bank Transactions using Bank Connect.

  3. No. of Bank Transactions that are not cleared and waiting for review.

  4. The last date that the Bank Transactions was downloaded.

  5. GL Balance from the Bank GL Account in GoldFinch.

  6. No. of Bank GL Ledger Entries that are not cleared.

  1. Click Update to download the latest Bank Transactions and to run the matching routine and the add routine.

  1. Click Add Rules to add additional rules when processing the add routine.

  2. Click the tile of the Bank Account to review and perform match or add actions. Review Bank Transaction Processing

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