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Customer AR Aging Report


GoldFinch Customer AR Aging Report is “date sensitive” and can be run for any date. You can run the Customer AR Aging Report for the previous month’s end date to support the month-end closing process.

How to Print the Customer AR Aging Report for a Customer Account

Navigate to the Account page and click on the Customer AR Aging button.

Update the As of Date as needed.

By default, Print Detail is checked to display all open Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, and Payments.

If Print Detail is unchecked, only summary information will be printed.

How to Send the Customer AR Aging Report via Email

It is possible to email out the Customer AR Aging report. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Set up an Electronic Document with the Name Customer AR Aging.

Link the electronic document with the Account using the Electronic Document Setup related list. Refer to Electronic Document Managementfor more setup information.

How to Run the Customer AR Aging Report for All Customer Accounts

To print the Customer AR Agings Report for all customers, go to the Accounts list, then, click Customer AR Agings.

You can select a few accounts if you do not want to print the Customer AP Agings Report for all customers.

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