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Applying Vendor Payments


After the Vendor Payment entry is saved, you will want to Apply the Vendor Payment to one or more invoices or credit memos.

Applying from a Vendor Payment

From the Vendor Payment, select the Apply button.

Applying from Vendor Ledger Entries

From the Vendor Ledger Entry to apply, select the Apply button.

Selecting Entries to Apply

When using either of the above options to apply, an application window will open, showing all Vendor Ledger Entries where the Remaining Amount is not 0 and with the same Currency Code and GL Ledger.

  • Put a Check to select all the entries you want to apply the Vendor Payment.

  • The Applied Payment amount will populate with the remaining amount to either close out the entry or the remaining amount to apply from the Vendor Payment.

  • The Applied Discount amount will populate with the Payment Discount calculated on the invoice, and if the Document Date of the Vendor Payment is on or before the Payment Discount Date. You can overwrite the number in this field.

You can also Apply and Unapply directly from Vendor Ledger Entry.

Permissions Required for Applying and Unapplying

Users who need to apply or Unapply Vendor Ledger Entries must have Edit permission to the Vendor Ledger Entry object and to the 4 fields highlighted below.

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