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Applying Sales Credit Memo


After a Sales Credit Memo is posted, you can apply the document to one or more invoices.

You can also select both Sales Credit Memos when applying Customer Receipt.

Applying from Sales Credit Memo

From the Posted Sales Credit Memo, select the Apply Credit Memo button.

Selecting Sales Invoices to Apply

An application window will open showing all open Customer Ledger Entries with Document Type = Invoice, and with the same Currency Code and GL Ledger.

  • Put a Check to select all the entries to apply the Sales Credit Memo.

  • The Applied Payment amount will populate with the remaining amount or the remaining amount to apply from the Sales Credit Memo. 

  • The Applied Discount can be entered manually.

Post the Application

Once the Application has been applied, select the Post Application button.

You will not be able to post the application if the Applied Balance is a negative number.

If the Exchange Rates are different between the Credit Memo, and the applied Sales Invoices, GoldFinch will calculate and post Exchange Rate Gain/Loss.

Unpost Application

From the Sales Credit Memo, navigate to the Customer Ledger Entry page to unapply.

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