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Financial Reports


You can run financial reports for standard financial statements or to “slice and dice” your financial data.


Navigate to Financial Reports.

You will see a list of pre-configured custom financial reports. Select any of the reports.

By default, you will see financial information for the Report Period as This Year-to-Date and the View By as By Month.

You can customize and select a different Report Period and/or View By to match your own needs.

Read Sorting of Sub Type 1 and Sub Type 2 to see how the system sorts Sub Type 1 and Sub Type 2.

You can click Show Filters to display Accounting Variable filters.

Select the appropriate values for the Accounting Variables, then click Run Reports to update the view.

To save the filtered view you just created, click Save Customization and enter a report name.

By saving the customization, you can access and run the Saved Reports in the future.

On the report view, you can also choose to Export data to Excel or PDF.

If you have any questions about any GL Account number, you can drill down to see the underlying GL Entries. Then, you can search or sort columns to look for specific GL Entries.

Out of Box Standard Financial Reports

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