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Amazon Integration


There are three possible scenarios for you to sell through Amazon.

  1. Sell-through Amazon, fulfilled by your own warehouse.

  2. Sell-through Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon.

  3. Sell to Amazon as a customer.

You can use Shopify to configure both Sell-through Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon.  You will need to implement the GoldFinch Shopify integration module to integrate Shopify and GoldFinch.

Review these online help pages:

Sell-through Amazon. Fulfilled by Your Own Warehouse

Use the GoldFinch Shopify module to upload items, download orders, and upload fulfillment information.

Sell-through Amazon. Fulfilled by Amazon

In GoldFinch, set up a new warehouse for Amazon.

Create transfer orders to ship inventory from your warehouse to Amazon.  Inventory on hand quantities in GoldFinch may be different from Amazon because of the damages or lost goods during transportation. Amazon will start tracking inventory once they receive your initial product shipment.

Use the GoldFinch Shopify module to upload items and to download Amazon fulfilled orders.

Create Sales Invoices, bypassing the need for Sales Orders and Whse. Shipments. and then Post them, 

Amazon does not track lot numbers.  Read online blog to understand options.

Sell to Amazon as your customer.

Setup Amazon as a Customer Account.

Create Sales Orders to ship inventory to Amazon and invoice Amazon as you would with any other regular customer.

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