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Advanced Outside Service Management


The Advanced Outside Service Management feature is used when items are produced by an outside vendor using your inventory. This feature will allow you to bypass the Work Order process and use only the Purchase Order to consume the raw materials and output the finished goods items into inventory.

This feature will allow you to purchase multiple finished good items from the vendor on one purchase order as long as the formula version feature is not used and there are not any internal routing steps involved.


  • Create finished goods and raw materials items as usual. The Replenishment System can be either Work Order or Purchase Order for the finished goods.

  • Setup Item Formulas without Formula Versions.

  • You don’t need to set up a service item for the Outside Service.

  • You don’t need to set up a routing for the outside service.

Creating a Purchase Order

Enter a Purchase Order to be used to send to the vendor to produce the finished item.

Put a check in the Is Outside Service field.

Enter an Outside Service Warehouse if you want to deduct inventory for the components from another Warehouse. The Warehouse field will be used to define where the Finished Goods will be added.

By default, Is Outside Service and Outside Service Warehouse are not displayed on the Purchase Order page. You can add them to EditPurchaseOrderGeneralSection fieldset to display.

On the Purchase Lines, enter the finished good item. Enter a Unit Cost to the Purchase Line for the cost of the outside service only. You can enter multiple Finished Good items into one Purchase Order.

When saved, GoldFinch will automatically populate the Purchases Line Formulas for each outside service item. You can edit the Purchases Line Formulas as needed.

You are allowed to enter additional Purchase Lines for service items.

Creating a Whse Receipt

Create a Whse Receipt from the Purchase Order. The Purchase Line Formulas will be copied from the Purchase Order to the Warehouse Receipt.

If the components are lot tracked, click the Enter Consumption Lots button to enter the components' lots.

If the finished goods items are lot tracked, click the Enter Receiving Lots button on the page to enter finished goods' lots.

Posting the Whse Receipt

When posting the Whse receipt, GoldFinch will deduct raw material inventory from the Receive bin of the Warehouse (or Outside Service Warehouse defined on the Purchase Order) and add the finished goods inventory to the Receive bin of the Warehouse defined on the Purchase Order.

The costs of the finished goods will be the total component costs plus the outside service cost.

GoldFinch will also post GL Entries to credit the Raw Material GL Account and debit the Finished Good GL Account.

Posting the Purchase Invoice

When the Purchase Invoice is posted, GoldFinch will post the actual invoice cost of the outside service to the Finished Good item.

GoldFinch knows to update the Last Invoice Cost on the Finished Good Item using both components and service costs.

Cost Adjustments

If the component costs are updated, the Daily Adjust Cost routine will automatically update the costs of the finished goods.

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