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Accounting Implementation Tips

GoldFinch ERP has a native accounting module at no additional cost. Having both ERP and Accounting on the same Salesforce platform has many benefits. Evaluate GoldFinch Accounting to see if it fits your need before you explore other accounting solutions.

We strongly recommend FIFO costing method over other costing methods.

Read Accounting Maps to understand GoldFinch posting structures and underlying objects.

Read 10) Enter or Import Beginning Balances for go-live beginning balances cut-over best practices. Ensure that Inventory Valuation Report, AR Aging, and AP aging match with the GL Balances before you start entering new transactions.

Read Month-End Routines to understand how to configure Posting Date restrictions. You want to ensure Allowed Posting From and Allowed Posting To on the Company Setup have the proper dates, so users don’t accidentally post into the wrong periods.

Read this page if you are Converting from Another Accounting Package to GoldFinch Accounting

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